We have an extensive portfolio of health and safety training courses, helping to ensure that your employees have the right knowledge to do their jobs safely.

Delivering appropriate health and safety training is crucial in the workplace, as it provides one of the building blocks for a secure and risk-averse working environment.

Our Health and Safety Training Courses

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How is Health and Safety Training delivered?

We offer a combination of face to face and online training depending on your requirements. All our courses can be held at your premises and we can also tailor them to the specific needs of your business.

As some of our courses are IOSH accredited, delegates will receive a certificate of attendance upon successful completion.

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Why is employee Health and Safety Training so important?

Over 200 people are killed each year through accidents at work and over a million people are injured. Larger numbers also suffer illnesses caused by, or made worse, through their work.

These courses help to ensure that you, or your employees, are not injured or made to feel ill by the work they are required to do.

As an employer, you are required by law to provide adequate health and safety training. The Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 requires employers and employees to take reasonable and practicable steps to ensure safety in the workplace. Breaking these laws can carry severe consequences, with fines for violations growing year-on-year.

A comprehensive company approach to health and safety training will look at fire risk, first aid, employee wellbeing, and more.

Breaches will often lead to a criminal prosecution, which can ultimately have a devastating impact on the reputation of an organisation. In some cases, it may even jeopardise its ability to continue trading. The UK government adopts a zero-tolerance approach to health and safety violations, so it is imperative that your company meets its legal obligations.

Creating a positive Health and Safety culture

Health and safety training helps to establish a set of processes and procedures that minimise the risk of accidents occurring. By providing ongoing training, as well as health and safety induction courses, we can help you to develop a positive health and safety culture in your organisation. Our H&S Consultants can produce a bespoke training matrix for your workforce, allowing for development in the most relevant and effective areas.

Increased efficiency and effectiveness

One of the largest benefits of providing health and safety training is the efficiency savings that it can ultimately deliver. Procedures follow specific steps, helping to develop a clear structure in which tasks are well defined and easy to understand. This helps employees to complete work both safely and efficiently.

What does the Training include?

Effective health and safety training is made up of various elements. Each course will have a different focus, but all will contribute towards making employees aware of how to work in a safe and responsible manner. Training will help to foster the right culture within the workplace, protect against accidents and damage to machinery, while also ensuring that your organisation meets its legal requirements.

How can AHR Consultants help?

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