Breathe – The HR Management System (HRMS) your team will love.

The success of your company is about managing your employees – not paper. By focusing on simplicity and ease of use, Breathe is a cloud HR software solution designed to tame the paperwork so that you can get out from behind the desk and lead your people.

Keeping all your employee information in one place and automating all those time-consuming human resource administrative tasks, Breathe transforms the way you do HR.

What can I do with Breathe?

With Breathe, you can:

  • Centralise Employee Data – An HR system where you can easily and safely access all your HR data from anywhere there is an internet connection.
  • Manage Holiday Requests – Holiday management is simple with a straightforward holiday allowance display, employee self service, and a central holiday calendar.
  • Manage Employee Absence – Easily manage and monitor employee sick leave and absences with the manager dashboard, central calendar and reports functionality.
  • Streamline Reports – Spot important trends by generating custom reports that show only the information you need.
  • Organise Documents – Securely store or share documents with specific employees.
  • Track Expenses – Easily manage employee expense claims and generate reports to help calculate budgets and spot trends.
  • Set Permissions – Set line manager and employee permissions to
    simplify your day and use the automatically generated tasks and email reminders to keep you on track.
  • Boost Performance – Promote peer-to-peer recognition, manage appraisals, increase communication channels, set one-to-one meetings and manage objectives.
  • API System Integration – Streamline information across your favourite systems and be rest assured knowing that your data has synced perfectly between platforms.

What are the benefits of using Breathe?

Expand the sections below to see how Breathe can benefit your business.

Eliminate HR admin
• Focus on growing your business
• Automate holiday booking and sickness processes
• Staff are responsible for updating their own records

Attract employees
• Differentiate your business
• Implement a high quality induction process
• Demonstrate you take training and skills seriously

Develop employees
• Record and monitor employee objectives
• Built in process for 1 to 1’s and performance management
• Allows you to delegate tasks to managers

Access on the move
• Available to everyone, when and wherever
• Online announcements to all staff
• Shared documents and templates

Motivate employees
• Staff feel valued due to time investment in managing them
• Track training and career development
• Track benefits and rewards

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What is a HR Management System?

A comprehensive Human Resources Management System (HRMS) is a complete suite of software applications that can simplify the process of managing human resources. It allows a company to fully understand and manage its workforce while staying compliant with a shifting regulatory environment. Human resources administration can be time and resource-intensive, but with an effective human resource information system in place, it can be made simpler.

Why does my business need a HR Management System?

A HRMS can fully automate your human resources processes. It provides a comprehensive HR administration service for your organisation. HR requires the handling of large amounts of information, from employee data to attendance, payroll, and training. A Human Resources Management System can easily automate many of the traditionally time-consuming administrative tasks associated with employing people.

If you employ staff, the time spent on human resources might be better spent concentrating on other aspects of your core business. With a dedicated, cloud-based HR management system, the whole process becomes intuitive and straightforward.

What are the benefits of a HRMS?

Over recent decades, the world of HR has undergone rapid changes, particularly with the emergence of online technology. By automating your HR management processes, you can improve the efficiency of recruiting and retaining employees, while making it easier to manage your workforce administration.

HR administration software takes the hassle out of managing your HR processes, while giving you access to a streamlined HR system that covers absences, payroll, reports, employee data, and expenses. In short, it provides a single point of access HR management tool that knocks hours off the time you spend chasing paper, making phone calls, and ensuring the information you have is up to date.

Crucially, it ensures that you remain compliant throughout, automatically updating to take account of any changes. This ensures that you never find yourself inadvertently failing to meet your legal obligations. HRMS gives you peace of mind that your HR processes are working as they should, your records are effective and up to date, and you’re always fully compliant.

Make HR simple

A streamlined, cloud-based HR management system is easy for your employees to use, helping to simplify the induction process and reduce costs. As a manager, all employee data is centralised in one place, allowing you to easily monitor documents, time, tasks, and performance. In addition, cloud-based HR is immediately scalable, meaning it can easily respond to the evolving demands of your business.

To continue boosting the effectiveness and efficiency of your HR processes, consider our range of HR training courses, webinars, and other resources.

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