When it comes to fire safety in the workplace, everyone has a shared responsibility to ensure that major incidents can be avoided. However, this requires a dedicated approach to risk management across all levels of an organisation.

Anyone assigned fire safety responsibilities, including managers, supervisors, and employees, has a duty of care for those around them. Despite this, many of these individuals lack sufficient Fire Safety and Awareness training.  

By completing this Fire Safety training, individuals can become more attentive towards hazards in the workplace and ultimately save lives.

Our Fire Safety and Awareness training course

At AHR Consultants, we specialise in providing Fire Safety and Awareness training which is tailored to specific organisational needs. 

We can create a course to meet every need, with modules covering all theoretical and legal elements of fire safety. We also support knowledge with practical techniques for evacuation.

Very useful and practical training. I feel the team and myself have really benefitted from the session.

Upon completion of this course, our clients:

  • Can manage fire safety effectively in the workplace
  • Develop knowledge of the science behind fire and how it can spread
  • Understand the elements of a fire risk assessment and fire evacuation strategies
  • Can identify common fire hazards
  • Become confident with the operation of fire safety equipment, such as fire extinguishers
  • Become confident in reacting appropriately to a fire incident
  • Understand the importance of fire safety signage and equipment
  • Understand the importance of implementing a fire evacuation strategy
  • Can manage the process of evacuation safely
  • Understand the roles involved in a safe response to fire
  • Can calculate evacuation times and understand how these can be reduced
  • Can complete horizontal evacuation and Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEPs)

Please be aware that these learning outcomes will vary depending on the module(s) selected.

Who benefits from Fire Safety and Awareness training?

  • Anybody that is assigned fire safety responsibilities within a business
  • Managers, supervisors, or employees of residential accommodation, including care homes
  • Individuals who act as the designated fire warden for a business or building
  • Anyone expecting to take on fire warden responsibilities in the future

Fire Safety and Awareness training modules

Each of our Fire Safety and Awareness training modules take approximately one hour to complete. Below, we have outlined the theory based and practical modules implemented into our training, and what can be expected of each.

1. Fundamentals (Theory)

  • Legal, moral, and financial reasons for managing fire safety
  • How fires start and spread

2. Managing fire safety (Theory)

  • How to prevent fires
  • How to stop fires spreading

3. Tackling fires and evacuation* (Theory)

  • When and how to use fire fighting equipment and evacuation equipment
  • What to do in the event of fire

*Not required if selecting Modules 4, 5, and 6

4. Use of fire fighting equipment* (Practical)

  • Demonstration of firefighting equipment (extinguishers and fire blankets)
  • Assessment of delegates using equipment

*If extinguishers are not available at the organisation receiving training, AHR Consultants will provide them at an additional cost

5. Use of evacuation equipment* (Practical)

  • Demonstration of evacuation equipment (Evacuation chairs/Mattresses/Ski sheets)
  • Assessment of delegates using equipment

*Using equipment provided by the organisation that is receiving training

6. Fire drill (Practical)

  • Carrying out fire drills with delegates using roleplay including use of fire alarm panel, safe search and rescue

Course rating

Based on delegate feedback from 2021/22

Dates and location

This course can be delivered on your premises at a date and time to suit you.

To enquire about this course, call us today on 0345 076 2288, email marketing@ahrconsultants.co.uk or complete the form below.

Course fees

In-house training costs are available on application.

How to book Fire Safety and Awareness training

For more information about our Fire Safety and Awareness training course, call us today on 0345 076 2288, email marketing@ahrconsultants.co.uk or complete the form below. View the terms and conditions.