If you are looking for national or international health and safety campaigns to focus on in October, then you’ve got plenty to consider.

Monthly focuses include Stoptober and National Cholesterol Month. However, if you prefer a weekly focus then you’ve got Back Care Awareness Week (5th-9th), National Work Life Week (12th-16th), Infection Prevention Control Week (14th-20th) and European Health and Safety Week (19th-25th). There’s also the World Mental Health Day on 10th October.

This year, Back Care Awareness Week’s theme is back pain in nursing but it’s a really good excuse for all businesses to look at how you are managing musculoskeletal issues. You should consider:

  • Do you have Risk Assessments covering all manual handling activities? Are they suitable and sufficient? Have they been carried out by someone that would be deemed as competent in a court of law?
  • Have you provided suitable training to your employees on manual handling? Is it repeated periodically?
  • Have you identified all your Display Screen Equipment (DSE) users? Have they carried out self-assessments as a bare minimum and have all issues been addressed?

At AHR Consultants, we can review your Risk Assessments or create new ones, train your assessors to be competent or deliver training as needed. We can also assist with DSE assessments to ensure your employees are working safely and you’ve demonstrated compliance with the relevant regulations.

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