Participating in a health and safety campaign is great for raising awareness of important issues in your organisation. We have selected two campaigns for employers to focus on during March 2022, raising awareness of the key topics of employee wellbeing and, tenuously, fire safety.

Both of these areas can impact anyone in an organisation, which makes them a great focal point for an awareness campaign.

No Smoking Day – 9th March

We all know the harm that smoking can cause to our body, as well as the dangers of second-hand smoke, so why not make 2022 the year you quit?

In addition to the long-term health benefits from quitting smoking, there is also the tenuous benefit of limiting ignition sources in your home or workplace!

With its tagline of ‘Today is the day’, the No Smoking Day website contains free resources such as tips and success stories that can be shared within your organisation.

Although it may be challenging at first, quitting smoking has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and boost energy.

These changes are extremely positive, leading to improved wellbeing in families, social circles, and the workplace.

The British Heart Foundation also provides a wealth of guidance on areas such as how to quit smoking and understanding stress. These are available in free leaflets via the charity’s website.

For more information on No Smoking Day and supporting employees who are attempting to quit, click here.

World Sleep Day – 18th March

Although we wouldn’t judge anyone for doing so, this campaign is not an invitation to spend the entire day in bed.

Instead, World Sleep Day exists to raise awareness of the numerous health benefits that are associated with having good quality sleep.

When applied to the workplace, good sleep often leads to better performance and motivation levels, as well as reduced reaction times.

If you, or your employees, are affected by poor sleep on a regular basis, it will be useful to check out the guidance provided by the World Sleep Society in this campaign.

This includes lifestyle tips for improved sleep and wellbeing, such as creating a ‘cut-off time’ for caffeine during the working day.

Being able to clearly separate work and home life is also key for better wellbeing, although this has become increasingly challenging with the rise of remote working and mobile access to emails.

Some suggestions for finding a balance include avoiding emails after a certain time of day, turning off work notifications in the evening, and setting a designated ‘work area’ within the home.

For more information on World Sleep Day and the benefits associated with a healthy routine, click here.

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